Sure, We’re Connected, but Are We Really Right for Each Other?


In my 30 years, and counting, as a business owner, I must have heard someone ask me over 10,000 times, “So, who’s your ideal client?”  To which I invariably respond;

“Uh, anyone who is breathing and can pay me?”

Apparently, this is the wrong answer.

Turns out, there is magic in getting crystal clear on EXACTLY who you want to work with.

So after deep reflection, I have comprised my list:


1: They gotta have a sense of humor. I have no time for humorless people who wish to stay humorless.  I am not the Whiner Whisperer.

2. They value the power of humor as an engagement and advancement tool.

3. They are on a mission to make the world a better place.

4. They are of integrity in all things.

5. They value flexibility, optimism and collaboration.

6. They need my help and I know I can help them. We are partners in our mutual success.

7. They value my expertise and are willing to invest in it, in order to achieve their goals.

8. They trust me as a professional.

9. They are excited about creating opportunity.

10. They are kind; treating people well is one of their core values.

Whether a client is hiring me for a Keynote Presentation, a Laugh and Learn Training Program… or whether they want coaching to up-level their own Keynote, all 10 Ideal Client Traits apply.

So, what is your Top Ten List? Who’s your ideal client?  Who do you REALLY want to work with? There is great power in clarity, so get crystal clear, and then allow your new-found clarity to inform all of your future business decisions.

By the way, if you answered TRUE to all of the above 10, then let’s connect… I think we could be very happy together.

Karyn Ruth White is an award-winning Business Humorist, Funny Keynote Speaker and Trainer who enjoys helping business thrive and have fun doing it! She loves her clients and they love her! She is the owner of Laugh and Learn Productions, LLC, an enterprise helping people to stress less and work more joyfully. Visit her at, on LinkedIn or on Twitter @karynruth.