clown-362155_1280Here is yet another sighting of a sinister clown. By the way, this isn’t me, it is a scary clip-art clown that I (and you) will be having nightmares about for the next week.

If you follow the news, sinister clowns are popping up all over.

Sinister clown sightings have been reported in Georgia, Alabama, Maryland, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

How must all this hoopla be affecting the good clowns; the volunteer clowns, the hospital clowns, the Patch Adams’ clowns, Ronald McDonald?

I read recently that McDonald’s is giving Ronald a little vacation until all the sawdust settles around this scary clown phenomenon.

Here’s a newsflash:

Clowns have always been a little bit scary. They have also always been a bit mystical, whimsical and fun.

Like people…I guess whether or not you like them…all depends on the clown.

If you nose around a little, you’ll start to notice that the word “clown” is frequently used with a tinge of negativity.

Some examples:

“You kids stop clowning around.

Some clown at the bar wants to buy you a drink. 

So I’m on the freeway going 70, and this Bozo swerves and cuts me off.”

I once got a call from a meeting planner who wanted me to come and do a Stand-Up Comedy Show for a group of clowns.  I said: “They’re clowns, why do they need a comedian?”

I’ll never forget her response:

“Karyn Ruth, these are the angriest people I’ve ever met.”

I said: “So let’s review, you’re asking me if I want to perform comedy for a room full of angry clowns? That’s a big BOZ-NO.”

The clown I like to focus on is my inner-clown.

I love to be goofy, because it wakes people up, it reminds me and others not to take it all so seriously and it makes life more fun. I don’t need a clown nose, white face paint or baggy pants to access my inner-clown at any moment.

I once had a dental appointment to have a crown removed. I was NOT looking forward to it. So I decided to access my inner-clown and have some fun with it. I walked into the dental office wearing a jeweled gold crown on my head. There was one very nervous-looking woman sitting in the waiting area. I regally waltzed up to the counter and said:

“Good Morning, my name is Karyn Ruth White and I am here to have a crown removed.” The receptionist laughed so hard she actually fell out of her chair.  The woman in the waiting room did NOT see the humor, which made it even funnier for me. It worked to lighten the mood in the office, calm my nerves and the surgery ended up going really well. By the way, that crown is still used as a prop in my dentist’s office. That’s right, when it comes to fun, the Queen is willing to abdicate her crown.

This Halloween, I invite you to tap into your own inner-clown. Have fun, dress up, step outside of your comfort zone, but when the costumes come off, don’t wait until next year to conjure up the fun.  I invite you to commit to carry your inner-clown around with you- at the ready – all year round.

Karyn Ruth White is a thought-laugher in the exciting field of Human Potential.  She calls herself a Success Humorist (a job title she made up.) She energizes Conferences around the U.S. with her hilariously poignant Keynote talks. She is an author, a comedian and the proud owner of Laugh and Learn Productions, LLC, an enterprise helping people to live and work (and clown around) from their greatness.  Visit her on-line at or email her at