Bring the Love; 6 Ideas on How to be Nicer at Work

You want me to think about how to be nicer at work? Are you kidding? I am overwhelmed, frustrated, under-appreciated and tired…now you want me to think about how I can be nicer at work? Please! If being nice at work is so important, then let my co-workers go first…that’s right…let them make the first move in this little game called “Bring the Love.”

Ah-the truth-so refreshing to vent isn’t it? So, now that you’ve gotten that off your chest, let’s look at some other possible ways of thinking about this idea.

  1. Would you be willing to experiment with being just a tad nicer to the people you encounter at work?
  2. Would you be willing to do this experiment for one day, one week, one month?
  3. Would you be willing to write down any changes you observe as a result of your newfound niceness?
  4. Would you be willing to admit that there may be some validity in a personal advantage of being nicer?
  5. Would you be willing to make “Nice” your default operating system?

If you answered “No” to all of the above, that’s OK. Some people are happier staying miserable…however…if you are intrigued by the possible results of this little experiment, then go forth and be nice. Here’s a few ideas to get you rolling.

6 Ideas on How to Be Nicer At Work:

  1. Smile at people for no reason. (Smile must be genuine, no fake smiling.)
  2. Be willing to go beyond your job description to pitch in and help a co-worker in need.
  3. Be nice for its own sake, don’t have an agenda.
  4. Listen…no, I mean REALLY listen to people when they talk to you.
  5. Be willing to admit that the entire universe does not indeed revolve around you.
  6. Remember…we are all just trying to make our way in this world and a touch of kindness goes a very long way.


Karyn Ruth White is a nice person. She’s not perfect, however she is committed to growing her niceness every day. She calls herself a Success Humorist (a job title she made up.) She presents very funny Keynote Programs at conferences around the U.S. She is the owner of Laugh and Learn Productions, LLC. Her life’s work is all about helping you apply the power of humor and laughter to work and life. See her in action at Follow her on Twitter @karynruth.