Keynotes Women Love.


Kiss My Botox; Poking Fun at Perfectionism

Remember wearing jeans so tight you had to lie down to get into them? Have you ever lost your pantyhose WHILE you were wearing them? Ever needed a stiff drink after trying on bathing suits? If you said “Yes” to any of these three questions, then you could use a good laugh. This clean, clever and hilarious She-Note program has women falling out of their chairs, crying off their mascara and laughing ‘til they leak. This She-Note is one of Motivational Comedian, Karyn Ruth White’s most frequently requested programs.

Lift, Affirm and Separate

This She-Note is a hilarious look at helping women set priorities in their lives. In keeping with the title, it shows women how to keep their spirits lifted, how to affirm their unique value in the world and how to separate the noise from the non-negotiables. Motivational Comedian, Karyn Ruth White delights her audiences by revealing a specially made bra for the occasion (worn on the outside of her blouse) which proudly displays the words “Lift, Affirm and Separate.” This She-Note is consistently a hit at womens’ conferences throughout the U.S.

She Who Laughs, Lasts

This She-Note is about humor and resilience. Motivational Comedian, Karyn Ruth White takes women on a hilarious journey through everyday life and shows them how to transmute stress and disappointment into hope and hilarity. Women consistently love this program. It is part stand-up comedy and part motivational speech. Women walk away with real-life tools to help them see and be funnier, happier and more

Core Confidence; Fine-Tuning the Already Fabulous You

Motivational Comedian, Karyn Ruth White believes it is our responsibility to teach the world how to treat us. In this She-Note we will look at the core issues women hold around confidence and power in both their personal and professional lives. Issues such as verbal and visual power, self-image, and “the sabotage habit” will be reviewed. This is a lively, funny, insightful and powerful program. (This program can also be tailored as a concurrent session.)